Bluetooth name: Remoter ATV3 Mini
It’s dedicated to iATV Q3 Black TV Stick and iATV Q5 / Q5 Plus Black TV Box

Product Weight: 40g
Product Size: 155*38*15mm
Appearance Color: Black
Battery Type: AAA*2
Number Of Keys: 14 Keys
Control Scheme: IR + BT
Control Distance: 10 Meters
Working Current: 15mA
Transmitting Power: +5bdMAX

Bluetooth Pairing
1. To pair the new device, press “OK” and Volume “-” at the same time till the light fast flashes.
2. Keep the remote control within 1 meter of the device for faster pairing.
3. Open the device, automatically pairs, and indicates successful pairing. ( If your device’s Original remote control Bluetooth name is not “Remoter ATV3”, you need to open Bluetooth searching, and pair it with “Remoter ATV3″.)