Integration of Internet and TV box can be said to be a great invention. They make the traditional TV with Internet access, on-demand content, applications, or even the game functions, greatly enriched the original single cable TV experience.

Clearly, smart TV is an open market, none of the major TV manufacturers do not implement their own smart TV standards, but experience has high and low. Then the user really needs the kind of smart TV? Is clearly a connectivity platform. Android TV makes this possible.

It is not confined to television in the form of boxes, can also be directly integrated in televisions, including mainstream TV makers such as Sony, sharp and Philips, are within its 2015 years 4K and HD TV supports this standard. This means that, based on Android 

• Android TV with your Android phone, Android better linkage Wear watches, experience will be significantly better than the current camp, the split version of Android TV box.

Of course, smart TV box will not disappear over time because it is still a lowest-cost solutions for intelligent TV, but there is obviously a good news for Android TV, unity platform will allow us to get more integrated smart TV experiences.