Our BPR2S series remote controller, which supports multiple functions including infrared learning, infrared isolation control for TVs, Bluetooth, voice control, and 6-axis gyro, has been on the market for nearly a year and has gained recognition from a wide range of users.

However, many customers have provided feedback regarding a functionality defect in our BPR2S remote controller. Originally, the remote controller supported learning NEC and long code values for all keys, but only four isolated keys simultaneously supported learning Samsung and LG code values. Due to the variety of remote controllers and code values on the market, it is not possible for us to be fully compatible with all of them. Customers have requested that besides the four isolated keys, other keys should also support learning Samsung and LG TV code values. While our original plan was to optimize this feature in new products, due to the significant amount of customer feedback, we have implemented this optimization ahead of schedule. The updated version is available for download for those who require it.