Project Description

Bluetooth name: Remoter ATV3
It’s dedicated to iATV Stick Q3 and iATV Q5 Box, other devices may have some keys incompatible.

Bluetooth Pairing
1. To pair the new device, press “OK” and Volume “-” at the same time till the light fast flash.
2. Keep the remote control within 1 meter of the device for faster pairing.
3. Open the device, automatically pairs, and indicates successful pairing. ( If your device’s Original remote control Bluetooth name is not “Remoter ATV3”, you need open Bluetooth searching, and pair it with “Remoter ATV3″.)

IR Learning (All buttons)
1. Press the button that needs to learn for 8 seconds till the indicator light from fast flashing to slow flashing, then release.
2. Align the IR, and press the button that would be learned, it shows success when the indicator lights fast flash.
3. Repeat 1~2 to learn the other buttons.
4. Press “Delete” and “Back” simultaneously until the light fast flashes to reset IR.

4 TV Buttons IR Isolation
1. Four TV buttons default Samsung TV IR code values.
2. Four TV buttons IR isolation in Bluetooth mode.
3. Four TV buttons support any IR values learning.


1. IR and Bluetooth can’t be used at the same time except for the 4 TV buttons.
2. Do not use mouse mode in the Google account login interface, otherwise, the “ok” button is not compatible.
3. If no infrared learning, all buttons are default values.
4. 4 TV buttons’ default values are the same as Samsung TVs, you can via learning to change them for your TV.

Feel free to contact your sales more about device compatibility issues and help us upgrade products.