Project Description

IR Learning ( take the example of learning “power” button)
1 Keep pressing the “Power” button, the air mouse enters IR learning mode when the LED flashes slowly.
2 Press the “power” button when you aim the IR transmitter with the air mouse. The Air mouse receives the code successfully if the LED light is.
3 LED flashes slowly mean that the Air mouse has finished learning. Data will be saved automatically and the product will exit learning mode.
4 Press “OK”+ “DEL” to clean the code up.

Air Mouse has 3 levels of cursor speed
1 From slow to fast:
Press and hold the “ok” and “ Volume+” buttons. The speed adjusts one level when the LED light is on.
2 From fast to slow:
Press and hold the “ok” and “ Volume-” buttons. The speed adjusts one level when the LED light is on.

Voice Switch
Press and hold “Voice Switch” to turn on a voice channel.
Release the key to turn off the voice channel.

Low battery reminder
The red light flashes slowly when the AAA battery power of the product is lower than 2V.
It means that the battery needs to be replaced at this time.

Sensor Automatic calibration
The changes in voltage and temperature may make the cursor drifts.
In this case, put the mouse flat on the desk and remain still.
You can complete calibration by pressing any key to wake it up when it is in hibernation mode.

How to Use
For initial use, plug a USB receiver into the USB port of the device and wait for 20-60 seconds to install the driver of the USB receiver.
Move the mouse, the mouse cursor can move on the screen means that pairing is successful.
If it is unsuccessful, press and hold the “OK” and “Home” buttons, LED light begins to flash. Pairing is successful when the LED light stop flashing.

Product specifications
Transmission method: 2.4G RF wireless
Sensors: 6-axis Gyroscope
Number of keys: 17
Range: >10m
Battery Type: AAA*2
Material: ABS Plastic and silicone
Size: 143*45*29MM
Weight: 50g

1 Non-professionals are prohibited to use the test mode of the product.
2 Under normal use, re-install the battery to restore it If the red light always lighting.
3 IR Learning only for the “power” key.
4 This product is divided into gyroscope version and no gyroscope version,

Gyroscope version: Swing your wrist to control the direction and movement of the mouse pointer!
Gyroscope-free version: Move the mouse pointer by pressing the up, down, leftand right buttons on a virtual